25-year-old Dutch singer and model Marije started singing at the age of 4 years old and held her first concert 2 years later. You may know her from different realityshows such as "Kay One Sängerin Gesucht" (RTL2) or "Limits" (SRF).

While living in Switzerland, she met Geo slam in a cafe in Zurich while he spent time there working with other artists. Marije then went to Stockholm to record some songs. She was already making headlines as the whole hotel knew about her after the first day since making an appearance at breakfast with her unicorn outfit.

"A lot of funny things happened" - Marije said. She signed a contract with Geo Slam and his label XCX Artists and released her single "Fueled By The Rush" with her old artist name "Chrissy Lee". After 1,5 year with the Music label XCX Artists, Marije decided to stop working with the label and started doing her own things. "For me, one of the main reasons why I left the label was that I didn't wanna hide behind a mask. Also, I got into a big depression because of the pressure of being perfect. I am happy now with just being myself and I make music that reflects the real me".