Marije Oosting, eine unabhängige niederländische Künstlerin mit Wohnsitz in der Schweiz, begann ihre musikalische Reise im Alter von 6 Jahren. Sie entwickelte sich von Mainstream-Pop bis hin zu härteren Rock- und Metalsounds und fesselt das Publikum mit ihrem einzigartigen Stil, in dem sie mühelos verschiedene Genres miteinander verbindet. Bekannt für ihre Auftritte in Reality-TV-Shows und ihre Hingabe zur Musik, genießt Marije ihre Unabhängigkeit und Freiheit als Künstlerin. Im März 2024 veröffentlicht sie "Phantom", eine dynamische Mischung aus Alternative- und Metal-Einflüssen, die ihren sich entwickelnden Stil und ihre lyrische Tiefe unter Beweis stellt.

For Marije, music is life. It is her closest companion and confidante. Music was there for the 29 year-old singer throughout a difficult childhood as she struggled through bullying, depression, and anxiety. Music was there for the good times as well, and would ultimately become her salvation.

"Music always understands me, and helps me understand myself. I am full of thoughts. Without writing them down and making songs out of them, I would be a mess. I just love singing and being on stage, rocking with my band!" - Marije

Originally from the Netherlands, when she was 10 Marije moved with her family to Switzerland. She comes from a musical clan and spent her childhood singing. She first performed on stage at the age of 6 and composed her first original song when she was just 8 years-old. Over the years Marije has appeared on a number of international reality television shows including Kay One - Sängerin Gesucht (RTL) Limits (SRF). She made her professional solo recording debut in 2016.

Marije has released a string of popular singles, connecting with fans around the world with electro-pop and dance bangers like 2021's "Stupid Lie". Along the way she became a mother and ditched her record label. In 2023 the ever-eclectic creator reinvented her sound, introducing a guitar-fueled rock & roll edge. Fans love the new vibe and have made Marije's recent single "Phantom" her most successful to date.

On May 17, Marije released the brand new single "Miss Perfect", an indie-rock examination of insecurity and the masks we wear to please those around us. The song tells the story of a woman who is beautiful on the outside, but internally suffers with issues of depression and self-doubt. Marije's music is deeply personal, but universally relatable. She sees her songs as vehicles for connecting with others, offering support and understanding.

The rock & roll revolution continues. Marije and the band have new releases planned throughout the year.